We provide a Tax Efficient Portfolio so
that your wealth can grow faster

We understand the growth and journey of your dollar and the effect taxes can have on your investments

  • We provide a one-stop solution
  • We include tax professionals on our planning teams who know how to generate better after-tax returns
  • We coordinate team members with expertise spanning asset classes and market cycles
  • We provide bespoke solutions to help you minimize taxes and fees even when you have multiple portfolios with unique objectives requiring investments in diverse assets
  • We put our clients' needs first
  • Will $1 of Your Family's Wealth Grow to $700 or $5,308 Over the Next 91 Years?

See assumptions behind the growth chart at: www.VFOS.com/webdocs/GrowthAssumptions.pdf

Are you maximizing money available to fund your vision? Learn from a recent 88-year period! Using our Tax Efficient Asset Management Solution ("TEAMS"), we can help you maximize your portfolio returns after-taxes, after policy management decisions, after-fees, and after-distributions! See how….

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