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What Is a Family Office Registered Investment Advisory firm?

Our family office RIA provides centralized management or oversight of investments, insurance, income tax planning, estate and legacy planning, business succession planning and charitable planning. Nearly every significant transaction involves calculating inflows and outflows of assets from trusts. Very often these transfers of assets trigger taxes. The investment advisers at the Family Office RIA ("FORIA") are trained to understand tax-efficient investment management solutions in each of the following six areas. Our investments integrate strategies to maximize after-tax benefits for lifetime income, transfers to family members, and/or gifts to favorite charities. The Family Office RIA advisers know how to work with tax lawyers and other wealth management professionals to integrate legal and financial solutions. FORIA advisers work with the multi-family office ("MFO") summarized on the Voorhees Family Office Services website (at www.vfos.com); however, FORIA advisers are available to assist a wide array of other MFOs, single family offices ("SFOs"), and traditional financial or accounting practices. To learn more about FORIA services and affiliated firms, please see the following links:

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